On a daily basis, Natasha contributed to the United States Embassy’s social media output on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by drafting posts on a wide variety of subjects. Natasha, offered advice and suggestions to improve our social media presences in Austria and was an integral part of our Public Affairs team and made a contribution to our office that will be deeply missed.
— Robert Greenan-Counselor for Public Affairs, United States Embassy Vienna

Community and cross-Cultural Engagement

Natasha and I met at a meetup for female online entrepreneurs. I was looking for help with the graphics for a redesign of my website. Natasha and I clicked and were very much on the same page about our businesses, our mindsets, and our individual goals. Working with Natasha was wonderful because she is friendly and easy to talk to, but very professional and efficient at the same time. Most conversations felt like talking to a friend rather than feeling like someone else’s client. The greatest benefit that I received were the results of Natasha’s work. She [Natasha] was very flexible in her schedule, which was incredibly helpful and I would highly recommend working with her because she is friendly, easy to work with, professional and definitely results-oriented.
— Kristina C. The Living Wonderfilled Studio

Branding + Visual Identity

Testimonial Coming Soon
— Rachel, Portugal

Testimonial Coming Soon
— Stephanie, Philippines

Testimonial Coming Soon
— Pauli, Germany