An Introduction into Influencer Marketing.


If you don’t know what influencer marketing is, grab your notebook! Before I spill the beans on how you can have influencer marketing work for you let’s first identify what influencer marketing is and has been in the past.

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing that combines both old and new marketing tools and strategies.

It’s kind of like the old school version of the celebrity endorsement. Except you take a person who has influence over a market and place them in a social media, content-driven marketing campaign.

Essentially, a business will find someone who fits with their brand and collaborate with them through social channels, email marketing, and other types of digital engagement.

Still confused? Open up your Instagram app. We guarantee you that there are at least a few influencers you either follow, or have seen in your news feed. Here are a few examples you may know…

  • Cameron Dallas. He became famous on Vine for his comedic videos, but now he works as a brand influencer on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Kayla Itsines. We’re sure you’ve seen her workout videos and BBG [Bikini Body Guides] all over your Instagram or Facebook.

  • James Charles. You might recognize James’s name when it appeared on CoverGirl magazine. He uses primarily YouTube and Instagram to market different types of makeup.

  • Lele Pons. Like Cameron Dallas, Pons also became famous on Vine. And like James, she is also a brand ambassador for CoverGirl.

We could be here all day talking about influencers and brand ambassadors, but let’s move on.

The influencer marketing strategy is catching on more and more, and you need to take advantage of it.

Here’s Why:

The most effective businesses are using social media, and other digital channels, to build strong relationships with their target audiences for a number of different purposes.

It might be to gain consumer insights, improve their customer engagement, or increase brand identity, loyalty and exposure.

While the obvious gain is that your business becomes more profitable, there’s something even more crucial when it comes to influencer marketing: it helps you stay current.

The way businesses develop marketing strategies is evolving at an incredibly fast rate, and it’s important for you and your brand to adapt along with it!

If you’re considering creating a marketing strategy based around influencers and brand ambassadors, check out these tips:

  • Identify your marketing goals before reaching out

  • Focus on your audience

  • Think visually - this is social media!

  • Get creative and be different from other brands

  • Keep in mind that influencer marketing is all about building relationships

Although, current doesn’t make you relevant and pretty pictures don’t necessarily generate return on investment.

Let’s be real tracking return on investment is a complicated task but what if I told you that your return on investment can be tracked right when the influencer is in house at your place of business?

Stay tuned!

Natasha Gisela

The House of Social Cultural & Co.