Influencer Marketing is changing! Will you?

Since we met, I explain to you how industries are confusing short term relationships with long term gains using influencer marketing.

We spoke about what is influencer marketing, achieving brand + business development goals using influencer marketing and being relevant with your client’s experience to increase your brand awareness with long term relationships.

Influencer marketing is something that is constantly in development and choosing the right influencer that not only understand your business goals but is not self entitled is another thing.

That is why it's vital to understand the difference between the type of influencers.

You have awareness vs. conversion.

Many already have an influencer marketing campaign but do not see the conversion this leads me to believe that there are two things that are wrong: the marketing campaign and the content.

Influencer marketing can be more than just pretty pictures and a following made from bots give a reason why your customer should BUY from you and spend TIME with your business.

Your influencer should be a bridge; a liaison between your customer and your message that you want to deliver to your customer.

Influencer marketing is changing and it is time for your business to jump ahead of the curve.

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Natasha Gisela