Don't pay for followers pay for content!

Influencer Marketing is a growing business and it is expected to reach an $8 Billion dollar industry in 2020!

However, with the FTC cracking down on Influencer Marketing and Influencer purchasing BOTs aka fake followers.

It is imperative for brands to understand what they’re purchasing when it comes to influencer marketing.

Let’s first examine the falsehood that has plagued the influencer marketing scene and the businesses who want to integrate influencer marketing. 

  1. More followers mean a higher return on investment on your marketing campaign.

  2. Small followers shouldn’t be considered in your marketing campaign

  3. Instagram is the number one focus for your influencer marketing campaign.

  4. You’re more focused on followers than creating possible relationships for future sales.

Influencer marketing should be seen as to increase brand awareness + business development goals.

What is one business development goal that we can all agree on? That is to INCREASE SALES!

Sales are the life line for the business and there is no better time to create an experience with your audience than using influencer marketing. 




Let’s begin with MYTH 1.

There is a common misconception that more followers mean more money into your accounts, however, micro + nano influencers (basically anything under 50k) receives more ROI to business owners as they are commonly seen as more trusting to their audience.

Trust means Sales


Not interested in working with influencers with less than 5k?! This is a TRAVESTY.  Remember, what we mentioned in myth 1, that trust means sales and with a small community that influencer has more of direct connection with their audience? 

Working with influencers with less than 5k is key to having a successful influencer marketing campaign if you’re launching something new or wanting a direct target audience in a certain location working with influencers at this level would translate in the digital world a connection with your community.

Also, numbers don’t create creativity. Why would you hurt yourself and your business by excluding creativity? 

Creativity means more content for you to post in the future. 


If you’re solely focused on Instagram-we are begging you to stop! Why? 

If you’re dealing with an influencer who is solely just focused on Instagram that means they’re not a professional influencer who is looking to expand their community (trust->into buyers) so why would you want to create a long term partnership with influencers solely focused on numerical data?

The truth is the types of Influencers your business should be working with are with individuals that are multi-dimensional that means Blogging, Youtube, and Instagram exactly in that order. 


With Blogging and Youtube, they work to increase your SEO and have a longer life span in comparison to Instagram where you truly only have 6 seconds to grab an individuals attention. 

With Blogging and Youtube, individuals are literally typing things they want to look for on the web that means your business or service is solving a problem, making something/someone better and/or giving them the experience to be remembered by. 

This is how you get client’s within the door. 


You’re more focused on followers than creating relationships. Business is relationships and if you’re investing in influencers, you’re investing in their relationships and the relationships you want to develop.

That is why the experience you give your influencers is key to creating more sales and reaching your business + brand development goals. 

Why is having experience important for your business?

People don’t buy things, they buy brands, they buy the experience that the business is giving them through their products and/or services.

We know that you’re most likely thinking (and/or) feeling overwhelmed that you have to find both influencers and create what we call an influencer experience.

That is why at Social Cultural & Co, we not only create the influencer marketing strategy for you but your tailored community + culture experience for your business.

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