Community + Culture + social media

There is no doubt in my mind that social media + digital world is producing well for the world in the sense of health, nutrition, wellness, positivity, and the travel industry.

However, it is not just any travel industry, it is the sustainable, eco-luxury travel industry that can primarily benefit for what is becoming social media’s peek into the world of digital marketing.

Although managing social media accounts is part of the equation it is not everything.

In order to successfully form a community,  you have to build your content around your community + culture and the intention you’re trying to achieve.

What does the intention mean in this case? It is an effective public relations strategy that showcases the importance of your organization within your community.

Your engagement will decrease, the algorithm will screw up things but it doesn’t matter when you have an effective strategy in place.

You have to give your audience an experience when they come to visit you and give them an experience that they can remember you by.

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natasha gisela