Achieving your Brand + Business Development goals

What if I told you that there is a way to do influencer marketing and you’re doing it incorrectly.

Not necessarily incorrectly but not amplifying what influencer marketing is really about-influencing.

You’re most likely collaborating with influencers just for pretty pictures and awareness; however, there is no guarantee that those pretty pictures will turn into CONVERTING customers.

However, what if I told you can increase your clients interaction and experiences using Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing should be treated as a trusted best friend is coming in and telling everyone about what is hot and what is not.

That is why brands pay big for influencer marketing-to gain the trust of their consumers; however, with the role of being an influencer, their is a responsibility of being an influence and that is raising awareness for things that people often forget in our busy world.

However, what how do we make this sexy?


After all people have a short fuse in today’s world and how do brands keep making a profit from the money spent on influencer marketing?

Collaborating with an influencer that works from the inside out who understands but highlights ways to increase your brand + business development needs is how a brand can amplify their message.

For instance, the travel + tourism industry has yet to tap into influencer guest experiences , which is where the new wave is going in 2020.

For example, a happy hour where your guests and clients can interact with the influencer who represent your brand or a cultural experience designed by your influencers.

Of course, this means affiliate marketing will have to come to play but it also means another opportunity to increase your sales and your brand.

Why are hotels + businesses skipping on this when industries such as the beauty one has?

The beauty industry has already seen not only their brand awareness shot up but their profits using strategic events and influencer placement to draw in fans to their venues while brands set up shop to sell their products supported by influencers.

Events like BeautyCon combine influencer marketing and sales all in one room.

When it comes to success there is no reason to reconstruct again. Everything has already been done so why are trying to change the mold when there has been success already shown?

The travel industry can see a spike in their revenue by showcasing the local community + culture by showcasing the community two things will happen: increase in brand awareness and build business development relationships within the local community.

Showcasing your community, culture, and the arts is what is important for the House of Social Cultural & Co and that how we were born.

We saw a problem in influencer marketing and we are here to remind the industry what influencer marketing is about and that is to support businesses.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me at