A Case study for Confidently Healthy.


Hey, there friend! Let's celebrate being a part of the Confidently Healthy journey!!

Confidently Healthy wanted a new facelift in regards to branding + web design that would help them launch a new blog platform that celebrates all women in 2019.

To say that this was a very important rebrand for me was an understatement! I was super excited to begin the design process for the Confidently Healthy team.

Step One: Story + Mood board Development

Before you begin the design process for any project, I ask myself what is the story behind the brand? What is our why? What is the one thing that no matter what comes at us in our journey that we keep going with our brand and mission?

Enter the first step of the design process, story, and mood board development. What is a mood board? A mood board is something that sets the tone, standard, and story of any organization/company in one visual image.

Confidently Healthy is for the everyday woman who has always struggled with her weight, looks and being healthy at the same time. She finally realized that her body is a temple thus she treats it like such and approaches life as enjoying her high veggie meals with a great dessert at the end of her long day. She is a go-getter, makes things happen, and is self-made.

The Confidently Healthy woman overcomes her anxieties because she knows that the Universe always has her back in everything she sets out to do. She lives for the experience of life, to travel the world enjoy great foods, with wonderful healthy workout routines that fuel her day and ultimately take care of her beautiful temple: she is Confidently Healthy in the mind, body, and spirit.



Step Two: Visual Identity

Part of every great designer workflow is a consultation and creative brief-even if it is your own blog!

I began to ask myself what is our mission statement, what are we trying to achieve not only as a resource for young women but as a lifestyle brand.

I believe in great design is simple and powerful. Thus, I decided to create something that was typography based that communicated a silent symbolic representation of what Confidently Healthy was about: organic, healthy and powerful living for all women.


Creating Visual Identity for the Web:

Branding doesn't stop at just social media-it consists of the whole package that you give your audience. Here at Social Cultural & Co, we not only offer company culture and branding-we as well offer web design branding to amplify your brand onto the digital web.

For Confidently Healthy, I wanted to represent the fabulous girl next door who was down to earth, full of life and create something that was welcoming to our audience.

I also wanted to design something that was powerfully elegant when it came to overall styling also feminine since the history of the organization does come from a pageant background. 

It is safe to say-that I fell in looove with the end results!


Style Breakdown:

Color Palette: We wanted to express a very natural tone to what is Confidently Healthy since, after all, it is a lifestyle blog-enter the earthy green tones, the pink to express its feminine touch, the brown for a neutral shade and of course a yellow to express joy.

Secondary Logo: When I think about designing a secondary logo- I think about the added touch to a letter, a notecard, and/or a memo. I wanted to design something really simple for Confidently Healthy, that wanted to leave the audience with wanting to know more about the brand.

Favicon:  Favicons are so important! With a world filled with tabs on tabs-how does your brand stand out to keep your audience on your page? The favicon is the little icon that is displayed on your tab and reminds your audience of who you are and what you do.

Fonts: When creating a style board you always want to keep in mind the purpose and functions of what your design does for the organization whom you're serving. Since I was designing for the purpose of a blog, I choose the Charter font that paired perfectly with the Madina Script font that served for a decorative purpose, also to add a touch of character.

Graphic Elements:    I wanted my graphic design elements to be different. I achieved this by incorporating designs that were all about nature to create the sensation of Confidently Healthy being alive and a lifestyle brand.

Patterns:   Incorporating a splash of shimmer that had both the yellow and pink undertones- I was sold and had to have it on my design board!  I plan on using this sparingly and for that added glow.  

Step Three: Web Design

Confidently Healthy's overall goal was to create a safe inspiring place for women of all colors and sizes to come to and read some relatable comedic entertainment that every Confidently Healthy woman goes through.

Our goal in creating the website was to create something strong and consistent to be prepared to grow a serious and loyal following over the next two years. We at Social Cultural & Co, believe that a smile can change the world and this is the reasoning that we decided to greet our audience with a smile shot from the founder of Confidently Healthy.

Essentially we design the website in order to create and expand our storytelling of Confidently Healthy as the brand grows and develops their following.

To prepare for this growth, I design to achieve simplicity but consistency that displays the brand story through its design.

Since Confidently Healthy believes that the Confidently Healthy woman is connected with nature-we had to include natural earth elements in our design.


Safe to say, we are so in love with these added touches that amplify the brand and their brand culture!

We are very happy with the direction of the design process of Confidently Healthy-you can visit the final design here!

We cannot wait to see where Confidently Healthy goes!