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What does Branding exactly mean? How and what, does it affect your business? Some say branding is the promise that you tell your customer others to say that branding is what your customer says when you leave the room.

Simply put, your branding is the household name-do you want your customers to feel luxurious, rustic or rustic chic? To be more specific, are you a luxurious brand that is offering specialize and exclusive services to your customer or a hostel that is wanting to maintain its "rustic" vibe but offer a more comforting, eco-services to your audience?

Know who you are, what you want to be and how you want people to perceive you-is critical when building your visual identity i.e. your logo, style board, and other business collateral.

Explore what Social Cultural & Co has to offer in our branding department.


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  • 1 logo

  • Moodboard+ Color Palette 

  • Final Files - PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS

  • Black & White + Color Variations (if suited)

  • 2 Revisions of final concept

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  • Brand Design Questionnaire

  • 3 custom logo designs to choose from

  • 3 color palettes to choose from

  • Alternative logo + favicon

  • Complementary font combinations

  • Additional branding elements

  • Full Branding Style Board

  • Accompanying detailed Style Sheet

  • Final design files (via Dropbox or Google Drive)

  • Stationary Collateral designs (ex. business cards or note cards etc.)

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  • 1 Primary Logo

  • Color Palette Selection

  • Typography Combinations

  • Texture & Pattern Creation

  • Style Board

  • Packaging/Label Templates

  • Business card design

  • Invoice header design

  • Final Files - PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS

  • 3 revisions of final concept

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  • Social Media Graphic Design Package

  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Packages available based on social media platform


A la carte services:

Brand + Business Development Consulting/Coaching, Marketing Consulting Public Relations Strategy Development, Micro-Influencer Strategy, Visual Branding Identity, Social Media Management: (3-6 Retainer Required), Content Strategy Development,Strategic Brand Positioning + Market Research, Web Design, Web Design Audits, Social Media Audits, Marketing + PR Consulting.

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50% non refundable deposit of the total price is due upon signing. The reminder is due upon transfer of any work files or 25% in the middle to 25% at the end of the project.