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December 2016, I graduated with a dual Bachelor’s in International Studies and Anthropology with dual minors in International Business and Political Science. Throughout University, I completed  4 internships in prominent human rights committees and governmental organizations in Public Affairs.

I was the golden child to join the Diplomatic Service turns out that did not light me up-matter of fact: I felt that I was settling into something that people always told me to go into that truly did not allow me to develop professionally and personally.

During my time in University, I was always a social butterfly- I love learning about new cultures and meet new people and hear their stories. That hunt for new relationships led me to the University of North Florida college of business and it was only one day during a Women in the Business forum, I was expressing what I accomplished during one of my internships and the businessman said-you were not an intern-you were running your own business.

That planted a seed. That seed after graduation developed after University, during a backpacking trip in Belize where I asked myself how can I combine my love of culture + community + history with issues that matter to me? How could I express that into the digital world?

Where could I tell peoples unique stories and showcase them and manage them in such a way that I help a business achieve their bottom line and promote positive initiatives?

After taking a look at my unique skill sets:

“...branding, content creating, storytelling, business development, digital marketing, strategy development, listening, creating captivating engagement, and my favorite creating innovated offline events that promote culture + community development….”

I assess my skills and asked myself how can I translate my love of creativity, arts, culture, travel, luxury, economic-sustainability food, history, experiences, and joy on the most popular social media platform, which is shaping how we brand ourselves and how we interact with brands.

The birth of Social Cultural & Co happened.