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In 2016, I graduated with degrees in international studies, anthropology, international business and political science. On top of that, I completed several internships with prominent human rights committees and governmental organizations in public affairs.

I had all the experience and education needed to jump start a career in diplomatic service. But as it turns out, that wasn’t what I was looking for. In fact, it felt like I was settling into a life that I truly didn’t want, even though everyone around me told me it was the perfect fit.

I knew if I stayed on that path, I would never be able to pursue the professional and personal development I craved.

In this search to find my path, I kept returning to my two true loves: connecting with the people around me and learning about new cultures.

This hunt led me to the University of North Florida College of Business, where I was attending a “Women in the Business” forum. A casual conversation about my past internships, and all the work I had put into them, led to some helpful insight from the many professionals around me.

One comment stood out among all the rest, a comment that was aimed at all my accomplishments in a past internship: you weren’t working as an intern, you were running your own business

Hearing those words triggered something for me. They planted a seed that grew and developed into an idea, or rather a series of questions:

How can I combine my love of culture, community and issues that matter to me in a way that can be expressed in the business world?

How could I tell people's unique stories and showcase them in such a way that I can help them achieve their own business goals and promote positive initiatives in the process?

To answer these questions, I took a hard look at my skill set:

·     Brand Development

·     Content Creating

·     Story Telling

·     Business Development

·     Digital Marketing

·     Strategy Development

·     Event Coordination

·     Community Engagement

That’s how Social Cultural & Co was born.

I created a platform where I could combine my love for culture, travel, economic-sustainability, and community with my passion for meeting new people and helping make their own dreams a reality.

If you share a similar passion and vision, contact me and my team at Social Cultural & Co. to collaborate today!