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How did an International Studies and Anthropologist student on the diplomatic path make the leap to becoming a consultant?! I realized on my last day of my internship at the U.S. Embassy that Social Media and Branding should not be stressful rather fun and exciting that you-an organization- can connect with your audience by forming cultural connections that we all share.

I never thought about becoming my own business woman till one day at a women in business lunch in at the University of north florida an meet of fate happened, where i met a wonderful individual who asked what i did at the embassy and i began to explain what i achieved. this individual politely but firmly told me that i was running my own business. 

that seed began to flourish as i started my search of employment only realizing that it was nearly impossible to pursue higher education and be remotely employed. 

I decided that they only person that could make that happened was me however, i wanted to incorporate my love of people and anthropology thus,

the name and birth of social cultural & Co.

Social Cultural & Co began because of my personal belief that businesses and organizations flourish; when they have an effective vision, purpose and identity that translate to their visual and silent branding that they ellued. 

I firmly believe that businesses have an purpose to actively engage in their communities- even if it is an remote business.

I want my business to look and feel the way the way I do - organic, worldly, responsible, and relatable. i want your business to have the same.

I always loved symbolism in college and the fact that logos and branding can hold a slient symbolic weight with others- no matter what language or culture they're from, is truly what pulls me to a field that I love.

I believe in creating and living in a sustainable world and that we are responsible for our individual print, that we make on others and the world around us. 

thank you for visiting social cultural & co and supporting small businesses.



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