Fostering  Connections through Community + Culture Engagement


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Case Study:

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Starting Point: Content Strategy Development

When I arrived at the United States embassy Public Affairs office-it was during a time where they were exploring the world of social media primarily, Instagram.

Their objective was to increase their following, engagement, develop an effective content strategy and connect with Austrian youth as their Facebook, already had a heavy following. the Public affairs offices wanted to create a cross-cultural following between the platforms.

The time length of the project was three months. Needless to say, we had to get to work!

Work Process + Strategy: Soft Power Cross-Cultural Connections

We first identified their main concern: identifying with Austrian youth and increasing engagement.

As someone with an anthropological background living in Austria-my first task was to conduct some ethnographic research of what the majority of political savvy young Austrian's persona would follow. 

This consisted of what is now social cultural's top of the line research strategy that allowed to create an organic follower growth that started with a following of 200 that is now 1300 organic followers.

Content Marketing

The Public Affairs office wanted organic engagement, however, they did also have a bottom line to meet and that was to promote American culture abroad and foster engagement with Austrian youth to increase their Fulbright initiatives.

The executives opted to share important individuals and events on their social media platform with behind the scenes look at what the public affairs office does in regards to what goes on inside an embassy! pretty cool stuff!

This development led to their Instagram strategy campaign today with creating beautiful story engagement showcasing the united states ambassador dedication to entrepreneurship and technology.


The results lead to a 15% increase in engagement on both the u.s. embassy’s facebook and instagram through my micro influencer culture + community connection with the local austrian youth.

and the creation of 2 round table discussions, live social media videos + engagement, social media content strategy that is the layout of a clear strategy, and a cross cultural experience with a public relations/affairs focus….

Engagement + Experiences.

At Social Cultural & Co we are always trying to serve our audience with an initiative to gain over the competition.

We thus created an initiative that would help the United States Embassy with their content development and community engagement.

As part of ethnographic research, we notice that Austrian population had a huge fascination with American football. Austria's most famous team The Vienna Vikings, was proposed to play the United States tri-missions for charity for the Vienna boys and girls club.


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We like to set ourselves apart by formulating a new approach and a new way to do business-using Social Media. With 97% of the worlds' population on Instagram, we think that Social Media-should serve as a new way to reach potential clients, promote your cultural initiatives, build business relationships and form a community of your own.