Business + Brand Development Consulting + Coaching for Creative Business Owners.

If you’re wanting to surpass the competition, upgrade your client experience through one offer, learn how to pitch and close the sale while increasing your bottom line - this coaching + consulting service is for you.

Let me help you take your business to the next level by creating a high ticket luxury offer + experience for your business.

Who this is for:

  • You have a business and you’re wanting to max out your services + offers to increase your profit margin.

  • You do not know where to begin through developing your high ticket luxury offer +brand positioning + marketing yourself.

  • Through our consulting +coaching services I help you gain a clear vision of who your clients are, your purpose as a business, and create a visual identity that converts.

  • I help you with one on one coaching that focuses on refining your services to create a luxury high ticket offer, help you develop your pitch and close the deal.

  • Through our brand development program, I teach you how to brand + position yourself an an industry leader in your market and brand yourself as a creative professional.

  • This service is for someone who is lost in positioning themselves on social media and wanting to use the platform for company gain but to also establish their brand identity into social media culture.


We go through your brand identify the vision you’re wanting to have turned into reality and the purpose behind your brand + outlet.

Through our consulting services we develop a social media strategy that creates engagement and converts to establish your brand identity.

My service will help you by establishing your brand so that it can work for you while you’re away and to create a culture within your organization that produces client engagement within your brand.

How my service will help you:

The goal of my Business + Brand Development Consulting Service is to help you to increase your bottom line by creating a high ticket luxury offer and experience for your brand.

Coaching/Consulting Services

Brand + Business Development Coaching + Consulting  

  • Strategy calls to define who you are what you do + how you service

  • Identify Strategic Business Development Opportunities

  • Business Strategy + Brand Experience

  • Service Refinement + Creation

  • Brand + Positioning

  • Client Experience

What it will look like after working with me:

Clarity in branding + Pitching

Business + Brand positioning

Client Sales Experience

Identifying + Strategically Planning Sales Funnels catered to your business.

Social Media Strategy Plan Development

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